Wayne Prior

Owner of Prior Engineering Services

Wayne Prior has 25 years’ experience as a sole proprietor for Prior Engineering Services. Primarily, he was responsible for the energy-efficient design and development of contract documents for the plumbing, fire protection, and HVAC disciplines, from conception through construction. He worked on commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. On behalf of Franklin Energy in Wisconsin and Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas in Chicago, he provided energy audits on existing buildings. Additionally, Wayne provided commissioning services for new installations of mechanical equipment. His last three years before the pandemic were devoted to commissioning a new production line for a pharmaceutical chemical plant following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The line contained jacketed stainless steel tanks to mix, heat and cool, 8,000 Gal batches of product. Wayne was a major investor and CEO of Midnight CAD Inc., an S corporation, and he is an investor and member of the Board of Directors for a high-tech start-up LLC. Wayne’s current projects involve designing a residential rain gutter that will take advantage of heavy rains to flush away leaves and other debris and designing a photoelectric–hot-water hybrid solar collector.