MERLIN Mentors


The Madison Entrepreneur Resource, Learning and Innovation Network (MERLIN) is a Madison-based group of volunteers who have masterfully started and managed new ventures. These mentors use their skills, experience and enthusiasm to guide emerging entrepreneurs in early stage ventures to boost the potential of business success.

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MERLIN Mentors has openings for entrepreneurs seeking experienced mentors. Tap into our network of 100+ mentors to gain entrepreneurial skills and help your business grow!



MERLIN, the mentoring service for entrepreneurs, is looking for passionate individuals who want to grow and learn with the help of seasoned, experienced executives. Optimally, the prospective entrepreneur meets our qualifications.



MERLIN mentors are recruited for their expertise in business formation and funding, strategic planning, organizational management, and specific technical fields as well as for their skills as advisors and enthusiasm for the mentoring service program. Commonly, new mentors are recommended by existing mentors.