Sheldon Rampton

Entrepreneur, software developer and journalist

Sheldon’s interest is in working on software projects that involve machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language interfaces, or that address critical social and economic problems of our time, e.g., climate change, health care reform, democracy, human rights and economic development. Among his accomplishments, Sheldon authored seven books, including a New York Times bestseller for non-fiction; co-founded a startup company and developed an open source software product (DKAN), which he and his partner sold after four years for $5 million; created a publicly-edited wiki with more than 70,000 articles that received more than 2 million page views and thousands of volunteer edits per month; built the New York State Senate‚Äôs award-winning website, providing live video of Senate meetings, constituent case tracking, and searchable public access to legislation; and built a microfinance investment fund with more than $12 million in assets deployed across nine countries in Latin America to promote economic development in low-income communities.