Matt Peterson

Business executive

Matt Peterson has applied information and communications technologies to the needs of media and healthcare enterprises, engineering and creative professionals, and the public. Operating at the nexus of technology and business, he has launched new products, services, and businesses, opened new markets, and created value within within a wide range of businesses and markets. Matt’s endeavors are informed by the range of his work from founder (SWI, MyWeather) to executive with publicly-traded companies (Computervision, Dynatech, Mediware) and by his global perspective: he has lived and worked overseas, managed international operations, is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s International Strategic Marketing Management program in Europe, and serves on the Board of the Madison Committee on Foreign Relations. Matt is currently work on early-stage projects with mobile devices and with clean-tech and on his consulting and transitional executive practices. Matt serves on the MDC Venture Debt Advisory Board.