Bob Wood

Investor and advisor to startups

Bob has been active with Wisconsin Investment Partners (WIP) since its inception in 2000 and serves as a co-manager. WIP is an angel investment group whose total of 151 members have to date made multiple investments in 86 early stage companies. Bob’s background includes the start-up through sale of Space-Metrics, LLC, a manufacturing firm specializing in commercial and residential cabinetry, store fixtures, and office furniture. His prior experience includes involvement in the start-up of American Players Theatre in Spring Green, Wisconsin. His on-going interests in urban re-development include the mixed-use projects at ‘Capitol Point’ and ‘Nolen Shore’ in central Madison. His experience includes managing a medical device start-up company through funding, product development to the start of clinical trials, and recruitment of a permanent CEO. He currently serves on several Boards, entrepreneurial conference committees, and through Wood Investment Services assists start-ups with business development, funding, and project management.