Prospective Mentor Criteria


Prospective MERLIN Mentors must have:

  • Senior leadership experience in launching, growing and managing successful businesses
  • A strong desire to share their acquired knowledge and experience for the benefit of entrepreneurs
  • The interpersonal skills necessary to be an effective coach and advisor
  • A commitment to the mission, principles and operating guidelines of the MERLIN Mentoring Service
  • The ability and commitment to dedicate the time required of MERLIN Mentors


Mentor Group Profile

Typically, MERLIN mentors will have served previously as a founder, CEO, Chairman, chief technical officer, business unit head, director or other senior leader of a successful enterprise. Many have been serial entrepreneurs. In general, professional service providers will not be included in the MERLIN mentor group in order to concentrate on mentors who have had actual operating experience in a successful growth company.


Expected Time Commitment

MERLIN Mentors need to be able to dedicate the expected time required by the group and each mentoring relationship. This will primarily be dependent on the number of mentoring relationships and the nature of each mentoring assignment. At a minimum it is expected that Mentors would be able to attend the monthly group meeting and dedicate the time equivalent to approximately one day per month to each of their assigned ventures.


Unbiased Advice

Mentors must be in a position to provide completely unbiased advice. Therefore mentors will not be permitted to have any direct or indirect financial or business relationship with a MERLIN entrepreneur that could result in a real or perceived conflict of interest. For a detailed copy of MERLIN’s conflict of interest rule, please contact the MERLIN Operations Manager.


New Mentor Process

Prospective Mentors will be interviewed and recommended by an existing mentor and considered for their potential to augment and complement the skill and knowledge base of the overall mentor group. All new mentors will be asked to complete a New Mentor Questionnaire, which summarizes their areas of expertise and prioritizes their interest for serving particular MERLIN entrepreneurs and to commit in writing to the MERLIN Mentoring Service Statement of Principles.